• The whole thing
    is a number

    (Pythagoras, about 572-497 BC)

We will help you achieve success in your business!

We help entrepreneurs find their place in the difficult reality of taxes, accounting and business law. With us you will achieve business success!
Tax consultant services https://www.twojdoradcapodatkowy.info qualified accountants and human resources specialists as well as a lawyer www.adwokatsobieski.pl in one place.

Our professional history dates back to 1993. Currently, after transformations, we operate as a commercial law company.

Professional and modern approach to the customer, as well as affordable prices have allowed us to build a strong position on the market of financial and accounting services.

High quality of services, reliability, timeliness, long-term experience (over 25 years on the market) and qualified personnel are our greatest assets.

We provide our clients with a free invoicing programme with support for JPK files – included in the price of the accounting service!

We offer accounting, human resources and legal services for individual entrepreneurs, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, trading books, revenue and expense journals, VAT registers.

We belong to the few accountancy offices offering tax settlements of virtual-currencies – please visit www.kryptoinfi.com

Office in Poznań

Kancelaria Rachunkowo-Prawna
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Office in Toruń

Kancelaria Rachunkowo-Prawna
INFI sp. z o.o.

ul. Ligi Polskiej 12h
87-100 Toruń
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