• Active tax and accounting consulting
  • We provide services to entities operating in various legal forms: individual activities, partnerships (a partnership, general partnership, limited partnership), capital companies (limited liability companies, joint-stock companies), as well as other legal forms – associations, foundations, housing communities). We represent taxpayers in contacts with tax offices and Polish Social Security Institution (ZUS).
  • Revenue and expense journals (REJ), trading books, financial statements, VAT records, tax on registered income without deductible costs have no secrets for us.
  • Our clients can benefit from the support of a team of specialists – qualified accountants and human resources specialists, as well as a tax advisor or lawyer at any time.


Taxes and tax optimization

  • As part of our business, we offer tax consultancy and tax optimization.
  • Our tax advisor will help you in the field of:
    • selection of the most optimal form of taxation while setting up a business (limited liability company, limited partnership and others)
    • analysis of current regulations in terms of tax savings
    • corporate income tax (CIT), personal income tax (PIT), Value Added Tax (VAT),
    • local taxes (real estate tax, transportation tax), civil law activity tax , inheritance and donation taxes


HR and payroll

Keeping personal files, preparing payrolls, settling mandate contracts, contracts for specific work, and charging ZUS, PFRON – we guarantee full HR and payroll services to all entrepreneurs who prefer to invest their energy in the development of their company. By commissioning HR and payroll issues to our company, you gain time and guarantee of high quality services.


Tax audits

  • Do you want to be sure that your accounting and tax settlements are correct and tax audits will go smoothly and efficiently? A tax audit will allow to define irregularities and indicate issues that give rise to tax risks.
  • In the report prepared by us, we will identify the correct solutions and actions to reduce or eliminate potential tax risks.
  • The tax audit may refer to the selected economic event or the entire tax and accounting settlements. We can check the entire accounting or only selected issues, e.g. employee settlements, VAT, CIT and PIT or other areas of your business subject to control by state offices.
  • The audit is carried out by a tax advisor and chief accountant, and in business law issues by a


Legal services and GDPR

  • To meet the expectations of all clients, we try to create a comprehensive offer that goes far beyond the standard accounting and tax services. We offer professional legal services in cooperation with the respected Remigiusz Sobieski Law Firm,
  • The firm offers the possibility of full service of enterprises and legal assistance, among others from economic, business and administrative law.
  • GDPR – Use our services in this area, and you will be sure that your company’s data is properly protected. Our lawyers are specialists in the field of personal data protection.


Reporting and controlling

In addition to traditional accounting services, we offer you additional services in the field of finance and controlling. We offer:

  • Assistance in developing the accounting policy and corporate chart of accounts
  • Financial, statistical and NBP reporting
  • Management reporting and controlling


Establishment and sale of ready-made companies

  • Are you starting your business and you need consulting? We will answer all your questions.
  • We provide assistance at every stage of company establishment, from the contract preparation to an entry to the National Court Register. We register limited liability companies, limited partnerships and others. We provide complete sets of documents for CSO, Tax Office and other institutions.
  • We sell ready-made companies that allow you to start your business quickly. All companies are founded by us from the beginning, therefore we are sure about the lack of debts or liabilities.


Virtual office

  • Virtual offices are a good solution especially for those companies that care about considerable savings. That is why we have created an address rental service, which is ideal especially for newly created companies but also for companies which want to reduce the costs of renting office space.
  • We offer address:
    • Ul. Ligi Polskiej 12h, 87-100 Toruń


Settlement of foreigners

  • Human resources and payroll for employees from outside Poland (including Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Asian countries)
  • We provide personnel and payroll documentation for foreigners, including tax settlements, considering treaties concluded in order to avoid double taxation signed by Poland, and social insurance (ZUS) settlements.



We belong to the few accounting offices that settle the trading of virtual-currencies at every stage in accordance with tax regulations – please visit our website




  • We offer modern accounting for companies from the technology industry
  • The comprehensive start-up service provided by our office guarantees a number of facilities. We will prepare and deliver documents necessary to change the entry to the National Court Register, we will provide a virtual office for the headquarters of your new company, we will provide you with a comprehensive accounting and payroll services.


Real estate and investments

  • We provide accounting and tax services for real estate and tenement house owners, developers, investment funds and other real estate companies.
  • We will advise you on what form of taxation to choose for rental income or how to settle the purchase and sale of shares or stocks.



Accounting and tax settlement of EU and state budget subsidies (from the employment office, and the Marshal Office). Special regulations in the field of VAT, income taxes, the inclusion of subsidies in trading books have no secret for us. If you are wondering how to settle your donation correctly and effectively – contact us!


Invoicing programme

E-accountancy allows you to issue invoices and generate JPK_FA, to manage your finances, to record sales and purchase invoices, to run a simplified revenue and expense ledger and many other functions in the price of one invoicing programme!